port orange choreographer

port orange choreographerBeing a dancer takes years of sweat, sore muscles and plain old fashioned hard work. That being said, being a dancer is a privilege. There are plenty of benefits to being a dancer, check out my five reasons below.

1. Health and Confidence

Dancing is a fun way to stay active and fit and can increase your flexibility, stamina and strength. Increased body awareness, posture and over all control of the body will help your balance and coordination. The body awareness gained through dancing builds an unmistakable confidence in those involved.

2. Survival Skills

Two skills guaranteed to learn through dance is resilience and determination. Why is this? Because dance is hard. It will take many failed attempts; and you will learn persistence, giving you the will to keep trying when things get difficult. Dance will help you find your limits and learn to slowly reach past them. You will also have opportunities for creative thinking and problem solving during class exercises and choreography. Bonus, you will learn to adapt to various circumstances with grace and poise.

3. Life Skills

Dance teaches you commitment, communication, perseverance and how to handle constructive (and not so constructive) criticism. Dance encourages an environment of growth and discovery. Once you ascend on the stairway of dance, it shines brighter and brighter with each step climbed. Learning and growing from challenging situations is what life is about.

4. Positive Attitude

Dance requires a positive attitude and if you stick with it long enough, it will become a part of your daily life outside of dance. A positive, artistic environment will help you flourish into a great dancer. Believing in the positive will not only make you a better dancer, but it will make you feel better from the inside out.

5. The Bigger Picture

Dance builds life long friendships that are so special only dancers understand. Maybe it’s the hours upon hours of rehearsals and class times; Or the struggles of suffering through hard workouts or backstage moments that become inside jokes. Your dance family, becomes a part of your family. Whether you dance through high school and move on to other passions or you continue your dance journey, it will become a part of your life that instills a love for the arts, community and open mindedness.

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