Pageant ChoreographyPageant Dance Choreography is a common talent choice among contestants in pageantry. Choreography can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the age of the performer, audience and judges observing the routine. Some dancers have very competitive, stylish and entertaining routines and others are more classical and technical with their performances.

The secret to creating an award winning number is finding the perfect balance between choreography that is technical and entertaining.

  • Song Choice: Picking the right song is so important. Although you may have your heart set on a song that has an emotional connection to you, that doesn’t mean it’s the best song for the stage you are presenting it on. Make sure to pick a song the judges will be able to recognize and relate to and age appropriate for the performer.
  • Pageant Choreography: Hiring a professional choreographer will not only ensure your presenting your BEST work, but will guarantee you can focus on your performance aspect the entire time you are preparing for the pageant. Choreography can take many hours of creativity, trial and error and lots of energy. Hiring a professional will help to give you an unbiased opinion of your skills and give you choreography that showcases your strengths and hides your weaknesses.
  • Regular Dance Classes: Gain an edge against your competitors. Technique has to be practiced regularly in weekly class work or private dance instruction to ensure technique is progressing properly and being maintained. Taking basic ballet and tap class as a young child will help to guide your talents in the right direction.
  • Pageant Dance Costumes: Choosing an amazing costume to go with your professional choreography is essential for your dance to look great. You want to make sure the look is flattering on your body type and age, as well as goes with the theme of the choreography. Stay away from pedestrian clothing that can be too dull on stage for pageantry. You want to SHINE!

Choosing a pageant talent can be difficult, but hiring a professional pageant choreographer will only help you gain the tools you need to present your best work on the pageant stage.

Choreographer Shannon Thomas specializes in private dance instruction for those aspiring to perform in pageants, competitions and talent shows. She has extensive training and education in all styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, pointe work and more. She works with her students strengths and improves upon their weaknesses through her technique exercises, one on one instruction and her keen eye for unique, entertaining and technical choreography.

Lessons should be scheduled weekly to improve your skills and gain strength in your technique for the upcoming performances. Private Dance Instruction, along with weekly classes is the best way to guarantee your success in your pageant dance.

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