How to Make the Most of Your Dance Class

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Do you feel stuck in a dance class rut? Changing aspects about how you take class can help you to reach past the limits you have set for your self. Whether you like to occasionally drop in and take a class or you are a serious studio dancer, here are some ideas and tips  to get the most out of your dance classes.
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5 Questions to Ask Your Dancer After Dance Class

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Being a part of dance class is always a special and fun experience. To enrich this experience further, we encourage parents to have post class conversations with their dancer. Asking questions will add to the overall experience, and dancers will be grateful for your involvement in their dance life. By participating in your dancers day to day classes, you will be more informed and have a better understanding of how their experience is impacting them.Continue reading

Competitive Dance: Quality VS Quantity

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The Principal is about competing against yourself. It’s about self improvement, about being better than you were the day before – Steve Young

Competitive dance can introduce your dancer to a whole new and exciting world. Opportunities for achievement and growth are everywhere as young dancers are exposed to numerous dance professionals from around the country. The stage time alone will help to build your dancers skills and give them the confidence and perseverance they need to succeed not only in dance, but in whatever they choose to do.Continue reading

Technique Training VS Trick Training

Many times in the dance world, we see unbelievable feats of greatness from young children and young adults. Whether it is extreme flexibility, sky high jumps, or multiple turns, we can’t help but be entertained and enjoy watching it. These amazing dancers that inspire us are great prodigies or accomplished young adults who have worked their entire lives to get to that point of excellence.Continue reading

Welcome to The Legacy Dance Studio Port Orange

Legacy Port Orange Dance Studio

Port Orange Dance StudioClick Here for Online Registration

The Legacy Dance Studio – The Port Orange Tuscan Village Shoppes, 3510 S. Nova Road, Port Orange, Fl 32129 Suite 118

At Legacy we take pride in providing the best dance education while keeping classes modern, safe and always FUN!

You can expect a creative and disciplined environment for your dancer, instilling proper dance technique and progressions, to ensure each child reaches their fullest potential.

Classes are divided by age, ability and style of dance. We offer classes in Pre ballet, tap and tumbling, hip hop, acrobatics, ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary and leaps and turns. 

Performance opportunities can be expected at community events, competitions, Showcases and more!

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