Port Orange Dance Studio

Port Orange Dance StudioAs with most classrooms there is a standard etiquette students are expected to follow. Dance is the same; The following tips are guidelines for any dance class room.

A Beginners Guide to Dance Studio Etiquette:

  • Arrive on time. If you are late enter quietly and do not disturb the class.
  • Wear appropriate dance class attire.
  • No talking while the teacher is talking.
  • Do not bring gum or food and drinks in the dance studio space (water is ok).
  • NEVER wear your dance shoes outside of the dance studio.
  • No hanging or slouching over the ballet barre.
  • Having long nails or wearing dangling jewelry is unsafe.
  • Wear deodorant and clean dance attire.
  • Do not talk when the teacher is talking. That includes whispering.
  • If you do HAVE to leave early, please speak with the teacher before class.
  • Listen. Only ask a question if it is relevant to the topic.
  • SILENCE your cell phone and DO NOT have it out during any point during dance class. That includes water breaks.
  • Respect the personal space of other dancers around you.
  • Speak to the teacher and your class mates with respect, even if you make a mistake or feel frustrated.
  • Keep all personal belongings in your dance bag.
  • Clean up any trash and put away anything you may use while at the dance studio.

Habits for Most Veteran Dancers:

  • If you arrive to dance class late, do not interrupt the class by apologizing right away. Quietly enter the room and wait for the teacher to give you permission to enter the class room.
  • Develop and use spatial awareness. (the awareness of our relationship to people and things around us)
  • If you are sitting out, be attentive. You can still learn to be a better dancer by listening.
  • Do not correct others, that is the teacher’s job.
  • Never give up! Keep moving to ensure you aren’t holding up traffic or causing others not to have space to dance.
  • Do not leave the dance studio with out permission.
  • While waiting on the sides, quietly practice class work.
  • If you have a lot of questions about something, save them for when dance class is over.
  • Do not show physical signs of boredom. Try to be positive, focused and full of energy while in dance class. The more put into dance, the more you get out of dance!
  • Always applaud at the end of dance class. This shows respect to your fellow dancers, teacher and musician. You can look at it as a “thank you for dancing with me.”

Bonus Tips:

  • Do you need extra help from the teacher? If there is topic or step you need to work more than a few minutes on, schedule a private lesson with your teacher.
  • NEVER say the word can’t or walk off the dance floor if something is difficult and you feel frustrated. This is considered rude and unacceptable. If you find yourself in a situation you feel discouraged; take a deep breath, count to five and remember why you started dancing in the first place. Try slowing down the counts, breaking down each nuance of the step until you feel ready to try it up to speed.
  • Don’t become territorial about your spot on the dance floor or at the ballet barre. If someone is standing in your usual dance space, adjust accordingly. Changing up where you take class can help you to get noticed and improve your spatial awareness. After all, you generally don’t stand in the same spot on stage every time.
  • When in a large dance class, be sure to mark the choreography in a way you are not bumping in to other dancers. You will get a chance to dance full out once the teacher breaks up the class into groups.
  • Keep your opinions on choreography to yourself unless the teacher has asked for you input. That also goes for correcting peers as well. However, if you see something you think could be helpful to the group, speak with the teacher about it privately. You never know, something you saw could benefit the choreography.

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