Port Orange Pre Dance

Port Orange Pre Dance

It’s fairly simple to see if a child likes to dance. From a young age they will begin to move to the music, bop to the beat or even break out in full dance in the middle of the living room! Starting a weekly dance class is a great way to introduce your child to formal dance classes. Formal dance training begins with discipline, creativity, physical dexterity and overall concentration – while still holding on to the creativity and freedom that is present in young movers.

Physical Fitness

Dance requires stamina, flexibility, strength and coordination. The cardiovascular benefits of dancing begin during warm up as the body begins a series of movement for a prolonged period of time. Some dance styles require small bursts of energy, most incorporate some form of weight bearing strength exercises and stretching. You can expect to see work outs inspired by yoga, cross-fit, and zumba – among other fitness influences as well.

Rise to the Challenge

Learning to dance is a process. You begin by learning the basic foundations and building upon those techniques and steps throughout the year. Dancers have short term goals and long term goals. An example of a short term goal may be; to stand stall with eyes up. This is a goal that can be achieved on that day in that moment. A long term goal would be to accomplish a perfect triple turn, landing on top of releve to finish.

Having attainable goals, they can work toward creates a positive mindset that can transfer into other endeavors as they mature.

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Building Relationships

Dance class offers a place for students to build healthy relationships with peers, mentors and adults while at the studio. Although dance is an individual art form, there are also team opportunities when working on group dances, choreography and partnering. Being a part of a team in a safe, nurturing environment creates a sense of belonging and leadership begins to blossom as trust is built.

Developing Leadership

It is imperative that the instructor set a good example in the classroom to show accountability through effective leadership. By encouraging team work and emphasizing perseverance, students will learn to deal with disappointment and failure. Teaching them to learn from their mistakes and work toward their personal best will help to build the qualities of a leader. A leader learns to always do their best, to always work to achieving excellence


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