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Dance Studio Ballet Port OrangeEvery dancer has their go to items they keep in their dance bag. With hectic school schedules, crazy dance class and rehearsal schedules, being prepared is the best way to set yourself up for success. Items in a dance bag can range from shoes to bobby pins to band-aids. Below is a brief list of the common things you find in any dancers bag at anytime.

1. Shoes: Most seasoned dancers have almost every pair of shoes you could think of in their bag. You never know at an audition or rehearsal what shoes the choreographer could want you to wear. Shoes could range from ballet slippers, pointe shoes, character shoes, character tap shoes, flat tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, black jazz shoes, footundeez and hip hop boots/sneakers.

2. Hair Supplies: Having your hair secure in the proper bun for ballet class is key. In order to guarantee your bun is perfect  every time, the following items should be in your hair kit in your dance bag. Water bottle, gel, bobby pins, hair brush, hair spray, hair nets and of coarse, a barrette or flower to make your bun stand out.

3. Extra Dance Clothes: You never know when your tights could rip or your leotard strap break. It is very important to have extra dance clothing with you at all times. An extra leotard, tights, shorts, warm up shirts and pants should be kept with you. You never know if you may need that clothing to protect your body during floor work and slides when working in the classroom. Knee pads are also a plus when working on floor work as well.

4. Water and a Healthy Snack: As a dancer you always want plenty of water and a nutrient rich snack with you. You will be expending a lot of energy and fluids while dancing. In order to make sure you have sufficient energy, healthy snacks to have in your bag could be carrots, apples, crackers, goldfish, grapes, raisins or other food that is easy to nibble if needed. Running out of water is not a good option in dance class. Fortunately, there is usually a water fountain close by or extra water in your studio.


What Else Do You Keep In Your Dance Bag? Add to the comments below!

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