5 Yoga Poses Great for Dancers

Dancers love to move. They love to feel their bodies flow across the stage, but it’s important for them to slow down sometimes. Doing yoga is a great way for dancers to increase their strength, joint stability, and flexibility. Yoga, over time, makes a dancer better, regardless of their dance style. While every yoga pose is beneficial in some way, there are certain poses that are specifically great for dancers.

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Port Orange Summer Camp

Spring is in the Air and Legacy Dancers are busy finishing Showcase Choreography, please keep encouraging at home practice and regular attendance to ensure you child is Showcase ready!

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How to Find the Best Dance Studio for Your Child

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LearningOrmond beach dance lessons to dance offers a wealth of opportunities for children. Dance Classes offer a fun way for your child to learn balance, coordination, fitness and to work with their peers in a disciplined,
structured environment.

If your child is interested in dance, look for a dance studio that has a strong program, professional owners and staff, and proper dance floors to ensure a lower risk of injury. No two dance studios are alike, and it is important to seek out a quality dance studio that can help your child find the right path in their dance training to succeed.

There are many things to consider when choosing a dance studio for your child. Look to compare instructors and their qualifications from different studios. Whether your child is brand new to the world of dance or already in active training, the experience level and qualifications of the owner and the instructors is an important factor.

An owner with a long history in dance and a history of success in dance competitions will be better able to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. While the qualifications of the front-line instructors are important as well, it all starts with the owner.
Look for a hands-on owner who takes an active interest in the success and progress of his or her students. Even if the owner does not teach every class, he or she should be actively engaged in the operation of the studio and willing to interact with the children and their parents.

You can tell a lot about a dance studio from their reputation. The world of dance is a small, and word spreads quickly if a studio is not up to the task of training the next generation of dancers. On the other hand, a dance studio that consistently turns out top dancers and wins at local and regional competitions will quickly develop a stellar reputation.

The type of dance floor is another important consideration when finding the best dance studio for your family. A professional dance floor and sub floor provides a safer and more stable surface for beginning dancers, reducing the risk of injury and boosting the confidence of the students.

Even if you do not currently envision competitive dance in your child’s future, it is important to choose a studio with a presence in the performance space. Does the dance studio you are considering attend competitions around the local area? Do their dancers compete regionally? Do they regularly field teams that compete at the national level? Are their ample opportunities for young dancers and new students to perform and compete, or are the slots limited to the most competitive dancers? The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the quality of the dance studio and its suitability for your child.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, contact the studios you are interested in and set up a tour and a trial class. Finding a dance studio for your child is not an easy task, but you can do it if you know what to look for. Quality instruction, proper facility, performance opportunities and owner experience will all help you make the best choice for your family. See you on the dance floor!

The Importance of Wearing Proper Dance Attire and Shoes in Dance Class

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Whether you are enrolling your child in dance class or looking for instruction for yourself, it is important to factor in the cost of proper dance apparel into your budget. Many new dance students do not realize just how important it is to wear the right clothes, but proper attire will be critical to your success in class and beyond.

One of the most important things to think about when signing your son or daughter up for dance classes is that all apparel should be age appropriate and tasteful. That means no bare midriffs, no bare legs and absolutely no bra tops. Dance class should be something special, and the clothes your young dancer chooses should reflect the seriousness of the training they are about to receive.

So just what is appropriate for dance class, and which items of clothing should be on your pre-class shopping list? The answer to that question is somewhat complicated, since every type of dance has its own preferred uniform. Here are a few tips for choosing age appropriate and tasteful outfits for the young dancer in your life.

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