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daytona beach dance lessonsWhether you are new to dance competition or a veteran competitor, this list will be your go to guide as a NEW Competitor!

Number 1…

Do Practice, Practice, Practice before you get there! Listen to your music daily, go over personal and group corrections. Watch practice videos again and again. When it comes to that big day and it is high stress, there are so many things that will distract you from focusing on your dance group’s goals. If you have conditioned yourself to know your routines and music so well, all of the nerves and distractions will be less likely to affect you in a negative way while performing.

Don’t Wait to the Last Minute. That’s it. 😉

Number 2…

Do Make a Check List to ensure you have all required items for each routine you are competing. Forgetting a headpiece or costume can cause un-needed stress in an already stressful situation. Having a check list will help you think of anything you could possibly forget and help you be set up for success.

Don’t Assume You Have Everything you need. Take an extra look in your dance bag, check if you have all the required footwear for your routines or did you leave your jazz shoes at the studio? Creating a standard checklist and process before each dance competition will ensure that you have taken the extra time to make sure you are prepared the best you can be.

Number 3…

Do Listen to Your Music, help a friend stretch or go over the routines. Remaining cool, calm and collected is key before a competition.

Don’t Watch the Group Before You. Ever. This will take your nerves over the edge. It is best to look away focus on yourself and your dance so you don’t start comparing your self to others.


Number 4…

Do Hype Yourself Up, give yourself a pep talk and be CONFIDENT in your self and what you have to present.

Don’t Think Your Better Than Anyone and EXPECT a Trophy. You never know what could happen on any different day with any different judge. You could win 1st place at one competition and not place at all at another. It’s all subjective and important not to get egotistical.


Number 5…

Do HAVE FUN, remember… you started dancing way before competing. Never forget why you love to dance!!

Don’t Base Your Worth on a Trophy. No matter how you place at competition, that doesn’t determine your value as a dancer or person. You don’t put 1st Overall on your Resume!


We hope these tips help dancers get ready to compete as their best self. Dance competition is a great way to get on stage, improve your performance and SHARE what you LOVE!


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