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The Principal is about competing against yourself. It’s about self improvement, about being better than you were the day before – Steve Young

Competitive dance can introduce your dancer to a whole new and exciting world. Opportunities for achievement and growth are everywhere as young dancers are exposed to numerous dance professionals from around the country. The stage time alone will help to build your dancers skills and give them the confidence and perseverance they need to succeed not only in dance, but in whatever they choose to do.

Tutus, Buns and Joyous Fun!

When you first bring your child to dance class, it’s a world of tutus, buns and joyous fun.  As your dancer develops and grows, you will start to see them become more involved in performances and eventually introduced to competitive dance. And boy, this can be quite overwhelming for parents of young dancers.

Competitive Dance

The competitive world can be cut throat. You will see swarms of young girls with lavish, barely clothed costumes anxiously awaiting their performance times. You may see Studios who bring 20, 30 to 50 dance numbers in one single event. You may even see one of the “Dance Mom” child stars, depending on what competition you are at. These are examples of the Quantity overcoming the Quality or, The more, more, more mentality. Who has the most dances, the most kids, the most wins or the most fans; losing sight of the artistry and growth capable through dance.

All of these things can be a lot, however, at The Legacy Dance Studio we plan to attend competitions in a different way. One of those ways is, Quality. Pointe and ballet classes Port Orange

The number of dances you bring to a competition can have a huge effect on the stresses of the rehearsal process and the overall out come of quality. Presenting quality routines that are age appropriate, well rehearsed, creative and entertaining will make out for a much more joyful experience in the long run for you and your dancer. Setting small goals and taking pride to make those routines the best you can will also give better results, separating our dancers from the misconceptions of competitive dance.

The minute you get away from fundamentals, the bottom can fall out of your game – Michael Jordan

Creating positive competitive opportunities for dancers will complete the overall dance experience. The benefits of competitive dance, with the right guidance, out weigh the negative. Not only will competition give your dancer more experience, but it will lend to the experiences of friendships and memories to last a life time.

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