creative arts choreography

Being a part of dance class is always a special and fun experience. To enrich this experience further, we encourage parents to have post class conversations with their dancer. Asking questions will add to the overall experience, and dancers will be grateful for your involvement in their dance life. By participating in your dancers day to day classes, you will be more informed and have a better understanding of how their experience is impacting them.

Often times, things may happen in class that your dancer will not necessarily bring up. Especially if it is something embarrassing or negative that may have happened in class. Asking questions frequently can influence your dancer to be more open to share with you. If there is an issue, informing the instructor immediately is the best thing to do.

This also applies to positive events that happen in class. Maybe your dancer is going through a period of frustration, by asking them positive questions and reassuring them of their insecurities, you can help try to redirect those feelings and help them see things in  more positive way.

creative arts choreography

5 Questions To Ask Your Dancer After Dance Class

1. What was your favorite part of class today?

2. Did you learn a new move?

3. Did you meet a new friend?

4. Did you enjoy it?

5. What are you supposed to practice for next class?

You can also stay involved by inviting your dancer to show you a specific move they are working on or encourage them to stretch with you. Ask them if they have practiced their choreography.

Any support of your dancers day to day class endeavors will enhance the overall experience for your dancer and family.

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