Ballet Classes Daytona

Do you feel stuck in a dance class rut? Changing aspects about how you take class can help you to reach past the limits you have set for your self. Whether you like to occasionally drop in and take a class or you are a serious studio dancer, here are some ideas and tips  to get the most out of your dance classes.

  • Arrive Early: Arriving 10-15 minutes before class starts will give you time to prepare your mind and body for the class. This will give you time to give your self a pre warm- up and stretch before class. Most teachers appreciate students who come to class ready to work. If you do arrive late, please enter the classroom quietly and wait until a pause in the warm up to enter class at the appropriate time.
  • What to Wear: Different styles of dance require different attire and shoes. Ballet classes require pink tights, ballet slippers, leotard and hair in a bun.  Hip Hop classes require t-shirts, baggy pants and sneakers. The best thing to do is to check the studio’s dress code policy and/or ask the teacher what they prefer. Each teacher and studio you attend may have different ideas of what is appropriate for dance class.
  • Secure Your Hair: When in dance class, your hair can be a huge distraction when you are trying to do your best. Make sure you hair is either in a bun (for ballet) or secured neatly out of your face. Your hair can obstruct your view or even get in the way of your partner work if not secured properly.
  • Register for the Right Class: Starting at too high of a level can cause confusion and disruption. Make sure you are enrolling in a class that is at your level so you are not struggling to follow advanced patterns. It’s much easier to start a little bit below your level, then you can move up as the teacher deems needed.
  • Introduce Yourself to the Instructor: If you are new to class, introduce yourself before class so the instructor can familiarize a new face.  This can set the mood for a friendly and personal experience, especially if you have questions during or after class.
  • Water: It is very important to be hydrated BEFORE class, so that way you don’t become De-hydrated while dancing. It is also important to have water with you, so you can replenish fluids lost while dancing and sweating.
  • What to Eat: It is important that before class you eat a light and nutrient dense snack to fuel your energy during class. Eating too big of a meal, before any exercise, can upset the stomach causing discomfort.
  • Let it Go: Anything that has been on your mind that day causing you turmoil should be left at the door. When you enter the studio, you should have a clear mind so you can focus on your dancing. This can lead to stress relief and more growth since your mindset is in the moment, and not some where else.
  • Dance Space: Be sure to claim your dance space when you arrive to the studio. A lot of dancers arrive early to claim the best spots in the room. The most important thing is to find a spot you can clearly view and hear the instructor.
  • Work at Your Own Pace: We are all different and learn at different speeds. Be sensitive to your needs and do not compare yourself to others in class. Depending on experience and ability, people will pick things up at different paces and have different strengths and weaknesses. Just do your personal best.

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