Port Orange Jazz Dance Studio

Shannon Thomas ChoreographerChoosing a dance studio for your child can often be confusing with all the studio choices and skill involved with this beautiful and graceful art form.

Here are 5 questions to ask any dance studio owner before enrolling your child in class that can help you asses if a dance studio is right for your child.

1. What qualifications and experience does the owner and instructors have in dance?

A dance studio is only as good as it’s instructors. It is very important that your child’s instructors have a balanced blend of educational experience, teaching experience and performance experience. Exposing children to the educational teachings of dance as well as the practical performance application of these principles, is very important to the overall growth of a dancer. From the foundation an instructor instills in both teaching and demonstrating dance technique, dancers can explore their movement vocabulary and grow as artists.

2. Is my child in a positive and safe setting? 

There are many young people involved in dance and safety is of utmost importance. Drop off and pick up areas should have plenty of light in the evenings since classes often go in to later hours. Drop off and pick up procedures should be well communicated to parents to ensure students are accounted for at all times.

3. Does this class send your child into the direction of higher learning and give them future opportunities to excel? 

This is a very important question to address. When you are enrolling your child in dance classes, you may not believe they have serious abilities. You also may not expect the self discipline and life skills they can learn through proper dance training. A program with strong fundamentals in technique and performance will offer choices for those students who decide to audition for higher levels of performance or education, while instilling values of discipline, integrity and work ethic.

4. Is this class promoting proper technique to ensure the growth and safety of your dancer?

By attending performances of the schools you are considering you will be able to get a better gauge on what that program has to offer. You should pay close attention to the way intermediate and advanced dancers appear on stage. There should be an evident gradual progression of skills that the children learn as they move and grow through the dance program. Starting advanced movement too early can cause long term injury to your young dancer.

5. Do the higher level dancers in the studio exhibit abilities and disposition, at which I would like to see my child strive for?

The higher level dancers at the studio should be positive role models for younger children. They should carry themselves in a positive way and exhibit characteristics you would like your child to aspire to. While watching them dance, you should see their abilities high lighted and performed with ease.

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