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At The Legacy Dance Studio in Port Orange, owner and director Shannon Thomas strives to promote a culture of positivity, inclusivity, and integrity through dance education. Dancers and families at The Legacy Dance Studio can expect to be welcomed with open arms from the very first dance class to the final bow.

Our positive dance studio culture embraces four core values that our staff follows in each interaction with students and dance families – Positivity, Leadership, Integrity, and Education. 

But we can’t do it alone! Dance parents, guardians, and students all have a role to play in creating a positive dance studio culture so that everyone involved has a great experience.

4 Core Values at The Legacy Dance Studio


Students are encouraged and built up in a safe environment to promote confidence. This means our staff challenges dancers physically, mentally, and emotionally while using positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, and age-appropriate instruction so that dancers can reach their full potential.


We lead by example, demonstrating our belief that hard work is worth it, and winning isn’t everything. Our staff values teamwork and instills the same work ethic in our dancers, from the youngest ballerinas to the pre-professional teens.


We ensure age-appropriate music, choreography, and costumes for each age group. Every student has worth and is unique, and they are empowered to feel free to express themselves with support from their peers, teachers, and parents.


Lifelong learning is essential for both students as well as instructors. We stress the use of correct terminology for all age levels and are passionate about teaching proper technique and progressions. Rest assured that your dancer will be given developmentally appropriate exercises and choreography throughout their time at The Legacy Dance Studio and that their teachers are constantly learning and growing themselves.

We believe that the atmosphere we create in the studio for our dance family (our culture) is equally important as the education our students receive. We are focused on teaching the whole student; giving our dancers life skills such as dedication, determination, and perseverance that will help them to succeed now, and for the rest of their lives!

How You Can Help Contribute To a Positive Dance Studio Culture

When it comes to Port Orange dance studios, we know you have many choices. If you’ve chosen The Legacy Dance Studio for your child’s dance education, it’s hopefully because you appreciate our positive studio culture and the atmosphere we provide your dancers.

Dance parents and guardians can help contribute to a positive studio culture by adhering to their own set of core values that work in tandem with the studio’s values. These are trust, communication, respect, and consistency.


If you’re considering enrolling your child in a new activity, you’re likely doing some research – are the instructors qualified? Is this activity held in a safe place, with proper equipment and tools?

Hopefully, no matter what the activity is, the answer to those questions is “yes!” That way, you can rest assured that you can trust the team that’s in charge of your child’s activity to do their job well.

Trusting the faculty and staff at your local dance studio makes our jobs so much easier! We have your child’s best interests at heart, so trust us to choose the correct costume, music, or level for your dancer.


Dance classes in Port Orange come with a lot of information – recital packets, rehearsal schedules, tuition reminders, make-up classes! We get it – it’s a lot!

This is why we try our best to keep up with communication to dance parents. In return, we ask for the same – an open line of communication when your child is sick, has a conflict, or you have a concern about something. Problems can usually be solved quickly as long as there is clear communication!


Respecport orange dance t in dance studio culture shows up in many different forms – from getting your child to class on time, to abiding by theatre etiquette rules at recital, to only communicating with your child’s dance teacher during business hours (no 11 pm text messages please!)

Modeling respectful behavior for your dancer will help ingrain respect into their lives, which they will take with them beyond the dance studio.


Dance parents and dancers who are team players contribute in positive ways to a welcoming and pleasant studio atmosphere. Teamwork from students and parents looks like working out a carpool with families who struggle to get to class on time, lending a pair of jazz shoes if someone forgot theirs, or helping with the nationals fundraiser.

Dance classes in Port Orange at The Legacy Dance Studio are a great way to infuse a love of the arts into your child’s life. The positive studio culture here is a safe space where you can trust that your dancer is getting a good dance education, surrounded by instructors and staff who all believe in the importance of dance.

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