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The effects of poor attendance at school have been well documented over the years. Students from pre-k through high school are at risk of developing low self-esteem, missing important social milestones, and falling behind their peers simply because of poor attendance. In our Port Orange dance studio, attending up to dance class consistently and on time contributes to the positive culture that dance studios wish to achieve.

When considering dance classes for your child in Port Orange, even at the recreational level, you’re making a commitment to attend regularly. Good attendance in dance class promotes discipline, respect, and retention of information. 

While it can sometimes be a challenge for caregivers to juggle all their kids’ activities, aiming for good (not perfect) attendance in dance class is something to strive for. Here is a bit more about why good attendance is important in dance class, and a few ways to help achieve good attendance for your child!

Good Attendance Promotes Discipline

Dancers who attend dance classes regularly learn about commitment and discipline. Like a sports team, children in a dance class are learning to work together as individuals as well as in a unit.

Hopefully, having a disciplined dancer doesn’t mean they find attending class regularly a bore or a drag. The disciplined dancer knows that showing up regularly will only benefit both themselves and their classmates. At The Legacy Dance Studio, the positive studio culture is one that dancers look forward to being a part of every week, and having the discipline to show up ready to dance comes easily!

Good Attendance Promotes Respect For Self, Teachers, and Classmates

When we show up regularly to an activity like dance class, we’re showing (and learning) respect for ourselves, our teachers, and our classmates. Dancers who commit to attending classes every week will have higher self-esteem and a sense of belonging in their community.

Respect For Self

Kids learn to have respect for themselves when taught how to be self-motivated and disciplined. Attending dance class regularly promotes high self-determination – the idea that we are in control of our own lives.

Children often feel like decisions are made for them, without any thought to their desires. Allowing your child as an individual to decide, “Yes, I do want to go to ballet every week” is one step toward raising a child who respects themselves and has high self-esteem.

Respect For Teachers

As a dance teacher, nothing is more disheartening or frustrating than when only half the class shows up for an important day of dance. Just like school teachers, dance teachers have lesson plans and goals for each class.

When students are absent, that means having to decide whether to continue with your plans, knowing you will have to repeat material the next time or amend your plans, requiring quick decision-making in the moment and completely re-hauling your ideas for the dance class.

Dancers who attend class regularly show respect to teachers by simply being there, ready to dance!

Respect For Classmates

Having good attendance means dancers will be able to cultivate relationships with their peers. Dancers who show up to class sporadically don’t have the chance to make friends, and won’t have any sort of connection to them that would inspire respect.

Showing respect to classmates looks like being a team player, being on time, and being ready to dance when class starts.

Good Attendance Promotes Retention of Information

When thinking about attendance as it relates to school, you may think that missing a day here and there isn’t that big of a deal. And perhaps it isn’t – everyone needs a day off sometimes! But, when considering missing a day of dance, it can actually be a big deal since many children only dance one day a week as it is.

If your child takes one hour-long class a week, that’s 4 classes per month. If she misses even one class in a month, that’s an entire quarter of instruction that she will have to catch up on somehow. Attending dance class regularly will allow your dancer to learn at the proper pace and not have to play “catch up”, which can be frustrating.

A (now debunked) popular study showed that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill at the expert level. Obviously, your baby ballerina isn’t going to be dancing for 10,000 hours anytime soon, but more recent applications of this theory have shown the 20 hours of practicing a skill can produce proficiency.

Consistently attending a weekly, hour-long dance class for just 5 months will likely produce a proficient dancer! But missing a few classes in that 5 months will hinder your dancer’s ability to retain the information given in those classes.

Tips To Help Achieve Good Attendance in Dance Class

As a caregiver, you are responsible for your child’s attendance at dance class. Juggling so many activities and schedules can be challenging, so here are a few ways you can help yourself and your child get to class regularly!

  1. Plan Ahead

Dance studios like The Legacy Dance Studio in Port Orange always have their yearly schedule available during the summer months prior to the start of the dance year. Check the website, emails, and all studio correspondence to know when all the important dates are for the dance year!

  1. Stick To a Routine 

Kids love routine and consistency, so if school pick-up is at 2:45 and class starts at 4:00, be sure to have a set plan that includes a snack, a change of clothes, a potty break, and a quick hug before ballet.

  1. Phone a Friend 

If you are struggling to get your child to dance class on time, it might help to reach out to another parent in the same class to see if carpooling might be an option.

  1. Attend Make-up Classes

Most dance studios offer the option to attend a make-up class similar in level if you miss your own dance class. If you find your child is missing too many classes, there might be another class she can attend that is on a better day for your schedule.

  1. Have Open Communication

If it’s a struggle to get your child to class on time, communicate with the teacher or the studio owner to brainstorm practical solutions. There may be options you haven’t thought of to help with attendance.

By attending dance classes regularly, your child will have a better experience in dance class. They will learn discipline, respect, and hopefully a lot of dance steps! Keep this advice in mind as the dance year starts in our Port Orange dance studio!


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