Mission Statement
At Legacy Dance Studio our program is designed for your dancer to grow individually. We are dedicated to offering classes with a high standard of technique, style and performance. Through discipline, encouragement and hard work, excellence can be achieved by gradually increasing subjects studied and expanding performance opportunities for our students. In order to accomplish these goals, core values in integrity, respect, responsibility, character and professionalism must be maintained.

Teaching Philosophy
It is the philosophy of Legacy Dance Studio to embrace movers at all levels and ages. Our intention is to create a structured, loving, creative environment where students are inspired to express themselves through the art of dance. We use a process oriented curriculum that builds upon the foundations of ballet, tap and jazz dance to create a safe, strong foundation for our students to flourish as they grow and discover their inner dancer. Dance education goes further than just the dance steps, at Legacy students will learn proper body alignment, technique, terminology, and the basic fundamentals needed to pursue dancing in college or professionally.

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Forever Young - Performance - Jun 2021 (90)

All Legacy Parents will have an online account through Dance Studio Pro. Please expect to receive emails, texts and phone calls through this account. Please login in frequently to stay up to date on the latest information.


  • The Legacy Dance Studio is not responsible for missed information if you unsubsribe to the service or do not login in to your account. 

Liability, Tuition and Media Release Form

Please sign and bring with you on your first day of class!

Registration Liability Waiver

The Legacy Dance Studio reserves the rights to change policies at any time, with or without notice (subject to applicable law).

These policies were last updated 11/7/2023

Continuing to attend The Legacy Dance Studio Classes, Events, Functions, or Performances is binding acceptance of these terms. 

First Day of Class

Students should come dressed in their proper dance attire.

Dancers should all bring a small dance bag with their shoes and a water bottle

Please label your child’s dance shoes and bag with his/her initials.

No Tap Shoes in the Lobby, they are to be put on and off in the dance room ONLY.

DRESS CODE AND CLASS ATTIRE (Visit Dance Depot for all of your Dance Wear Needs) 

Click Here for the Required Uniform List

1.Each child must have his/her dance shoes at each practice.

2.Dance shoes should not be worn outside and street shoes are not to be worn on the studio floors. Please take off your street shoes before walking into the studio.

3.Any jewelry or extra accessories should be left at home and are not permitted in class.

4.Please put your name on all articles of clothing and shoes. The Legacy Dance Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Lobby and Zoom

Our Parent Section of our Lobby is open to 1 parent only for drop off and pick up and to make cash or check payments. Limited seating in our Parent Lobby is available. *no food or drink
No parents are allowed in the Dancer Lobby or the Dance Studio at any time, our teachers and assistants will help with shoes and getting them ready to line up for class.
All parents need to sign a liability waiver to take class.
• SIGNED LIABILITY WAIVER (We will have some copies if you need one)
• Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled class time
• Please pick up your child on time
• Please bring sanitizer to class if you can
• Arrive with correct dress code, hair, and shoes, label all shoes with your Childs name on the inside
• Please bring water bottle
• Arrive in your dance clothes, ready to dance (if you must come from school, please change quickly)
• No food should be brought to the studio unless your dancer is there for 4 or more hours
• Please bring dance shoes/bag into DANCER LOBBY/studio and place under a chair
• Zoom is not a substitute for attending classes in person, unless you are sick
• If you do not join the Zoom meeting at the start of class, you will have to wait until the instructor has time to add you to the meeting. Please be patient.

Registration/Payment Policies/Tuition/Refund

Legacy Payment Installments are an annual payment based on the number of weeks out of the season, including Holidays and Breaks. This annual fee is broken into 10 monthly payments for your convenience OR you can pay the annual fee in one lump sum. Installments are DUE by the 1st of each month, please pay online or submit payment to the front desk.

Monthly Installments are for The Legacy Dance Studio Professional Services rendered, including the securing of your child’s placement in curriculum, instruction, and performances.

You will Pay Installments for the Dance Season for the Months of August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May (MUST PAY MAY INSTALLMENT TO PARTICIPATE IN SHOWCASE.)

There is an annual Registration fee of $35 per student and $15 for each additional sibling. Registration fee and 1st months payment installment is due at the time you register

Please make sure to include your child’s name and payment details with each check to ensure your payment is applied properly.

Payments can be made online or can be submitted to the front desk at the Studio.

A $30.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

LATE FEES: After the 15th of the month, late payments will be assessed a non-refundable $15.00 late fee. This fee will rise if not paid after 30 days and continue to rise until paid. 



  • Medical – Note from Dr. that dancer cannot participate or hospitalization for medical problems
  • Life Change- Loss of job, family status change, death of a family member

Absences: If a dancer misses class for an illness, injury, or family emergency for more than 2 weeks or for an extended period of time, reimbursements/refunds will only be available if  makeup class options are not offered by The Legacy Dance Studio in a class similar.

Payment Installment Refund Policy

If a student decides to not continue dance classes and the monthly installment has already been paid, refund will only be given under these explicit circumstances.

Moved Out of Area/Out of State

Illness or Medical Condition/Family Emergency

Withdraw from Classes

If a Legacy family decides to withdraw their student from any and all classes for any reason other than a qualified medical or family life change, any balances past due or any installment payments missed, even while inactive, would need to be paid in full to return and participate in the end of year Showcase or Re-register in the Fall.


Medical – Note from Dr. that dancer cannot participate or hospitalization for medical problems

Life Change- Loss of job, family status change, death of a family member

Lost or Stolen Items

Owner is NOT Responsible for Damaged, Lost, or Stolen Items.


This includes and is not limited to dance shoes, attire, costumes, electronics, cell phones, wallets, keys, clothing, or other personal belongings.


Dancers Expectations

Please arrive with correct hair, shoes and uniform for class.

Please do not bring gum, food, or drinks into the studio.

Make sure to dispose of any trash that may be left behind.

Please remain quiet in the waiting room until your class.

No Cell Phone or Social Media use while in the dance studio or during class time.

Please be respectful of yourself, your classmates, and your instructors.

Dancers should not touch each other or invade another’s personal space unless instructed to for our dance lesson.

Positive attitude and willingness to work with others.

No whispering in dance class.

Bullying will not be tolerated.

Weekly attendance is expected for all dancers enrolled in dance classes at Legacy.

Parents Expectations

If you have questions or concerns–please TELL US! Contact Mrs. Shannon directly here. Click Here to contact us or call 386-295-9298.

Please only contact Mrs. Shannon directly for comments, questions, or concerns as the sole owner, director, and choreographer of The Legacy Dance Studio. Do not reach out to Legacy teachers, staff, or anyone else other than Shannon Thomas.

Notify owner of any difficulties your child may have.

Please call if your child is going to be absent or needs to leave early.

Pay monthly installments and fees on time.

Please make sure to review studio policies with your child.

No parent is allowed in the dance studio at any time, unless invited by Mrs. Shannon.

The Legacy Dance Studio reserves the right to refuse service to any client for any reason that doesn’t comply with our standards of business. This policy includes but is not limited to verbal abuse, breaking any rules or guidelines put in place, not paying on time, bullying or any other behavior we deem unsafe or inappropriate for a children’s dance studio.  


At the Legacy Dance Studio, we are striving for a positive and respectful environment for our Instructors, Students, and Parents. We will not tolerate bullying or disrespectful behavior in any way. Such behavior can result in dismissal from the program.


Emails will be available from your online account. All correspondence will be sent through email ensure that you will be up-to-date with Legacy news and events. Please make sure you list a current email address on your child’s registration form, so you may receive all updates. You can also follow us on our social media accounts to ensure you have the latest and up to date information.

Lobby – Waiting Area

The waiting area at The Legacy Dance Studio is for the convenience of our students and to make payments on your account.

Legacy Dancer Lobby will have a small section open for ONE parent per dancer ONLY; if they choose to come in to pay or for drop/pick up. The remainder of the Lobby is for our dancers.

Please do not move furniture, or move decorations in the lobby area. While waiting for your dancer, all siblings should be sitting and waiting quietly under parent supervision while there.

Please utilize our live stream viewing  through Zoom, password protected. Legacy is the only studio in the area offering Zoom viewing for parents while dancers in the classroom on a regular basis.


Our Showcase will enhance performance skills to complete the overall dance experience at The Legacy Dance Studio.

See Showcase Information Here: https://thelegacydancestudio.com/legacy-showcases/


The Legacy Dance Studio is not responsible for venue, date or time changes regarding our June Showcases. 

If you have any dates in the month of June you are considering vacationing, please let Mrs. Shannon know as the dates are subject to change for all of our Showcases, Performances and Competitions.

Due to COVID restrictions, our options have been cut in half and dates for our June performances can and will vary. 

Showcase Costumes – $90 Per Costume (updated 8/14/2023)

Showcase Tentative Dates:

June 7th 2024 (Mandatory Rehearsal)

June 8th 2024 (Showcases) 2pm and 7pm

Location: News Journal Center

*subject to change

Showcase Costumes – DUE OCT 25TH

  • We cannot under any circumstances, refund money for costumes once they are ordered.
  • You can pay cash or check at the studio or pay online through your portal account.
  • Monthly Installments are for The Legacy Dance Studio Professional Services rendered, including the securing of your child’s placement in curriculum, instruction, and performances.
  • You will Pay Installments for the 10 Month Dance Season for the Months of August – May (MUST PAY MAY INSTALLMENT TO PARTICIPATE IN SHOWCASE.)

$100 AFTER OCT. 25th * AFTER Due Date

**Costumes must be taken home/picked up by June 1st or it will become the property of The Legacy Dance Studio (no exceptions)

The purchase of and ownership of showcase costumes doesn’t guarantee you will participate in the end of year showcase.

Being a part of the end of year showcase is a privilege. Behavior and studio policies will be upheld to a highest standard for all legacy dancers and especially legacy stars.

Class Attendance

To reach full potential in class, a student must attend on a consistent basis. We expect regular attendance from all our students at The Legacy Dance Studio. Please make sure your child arrives approximately 10 minutes prior to their scheduled class time to ensure preparation for class. If a student must miss a class, please notify the studio. Poor class attendance may result in dismissal from performances at the discretion of the instructor. There are no credits or refunds for classes missed.

Class Cancellations

IMPORTANT: We do not automatically cancel dance classes if there is no school, please refer to our monthly calendar below for no class dates.

The Legacy Dance Studio Payment Installment Reimbursements are only available if 2 or more classes in a month are cancelled and make up classes are not offered live or through ZOOM Live Stream or Pre-recorded YouTube Videos.

  • This refund policy DOES NOT include closures due to weather or other unanticipated closures due to circumstances out of The Legacy Dance Studio’s Control (weather/natural disaster/unnatural disaster/act of God).
  • This refund policy DOES NOT include Local, State or Federal Mandated Closures.
  • This refund policy DOES NOT include withdraw from classes because they are online. With Virtual Options available – All reasonable steps will be taken by The Legacy Dance Studio to continue to offer classes, no matter the circumstances of the situation.

Any competition, costume, performance fee, rehearsal fee and any other vendor fees are non negotiable and non-refundable.

If you leave or are asked to leave the Stars Team, any and all refund policies are at the discretion of vendors.

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Top 4

  1. Positivity – Students are encouraged and built up in a safe environment to promote confidence. Students are physically, mentally and emotionally stimulated so that they can commit themselves to being the best dancer that they can be.
  2. Leading – We value teamwork, respect commitment to excellence, and lead by example. We believe that hard work is worth it, and winning isn’t everything.
  3. Integrity – We ensure age-appropriate music, choreography and costumes for each age group. Every student has worth and is unique , and they are empowered to feel free to express themselves with support from their peers, teachers and parents.
  4. Educating – Lifelong learning is essential for both students as well as instructors. We also use correct terminology for all age levels and are passionate about teaching proper technique and progressions.

Before you speak or text ask yourself if what you are going to say is true, is kind, is necessary, is helpful.

We believe that the atmosphere we create in the studio for our dance family (our culture) is every bit as important as the education our students receive. We are focused on teaching the whole student; giving our dancers life skills such as dedication, determination and perseverance that will help them to succeed now, and for the rest of their lives!

Calendar of Fees

Annual Registration- -$35 registration Fee (pay with 1st payment installment)

August 1st – Payment Installment 1

September 1st – Payment Installment 2

October 1st – Payment Installment 3

October 1st – Costume Deposits Posted to Online Accounts ($85 each)

October 10th – Costume Deposits Due ($85 each)

November 1st – Payment Installment 4

December 1st – Payment Installment 5

January 1st – Payment Installment 6

February 1st – Payment Installment 7

March 1st – Payment Installment 8

April1st – Payment Installment 9

April TBA – Showcase Tickets on Sale

May 1st – Payment Installment 10

 May TBA – Showcase Tickets on Sale 

Studio Area

Food and drink are not permitted in the studios or the dancer waiting area. Absolutely NO street shoes are permitted on the dance floors. Dirt, dust and debris from street shoes can lead to falls and injuries and may harm dance floors. Students are not to lean on or touch studio mirrors. The dance barres are for educational purposes only. Students are not to hang or swing from barres; nor should clothes or towels be hung from the barres. All teaching tools, props, visual aids, and sound equipment are property of The Legacy Dance Studio and should not be used without permission of the instructor.


Children must be potty-trained to participate in The Legacy Dance Studio. We ask parents to remind students, especially young students, to use the restroom prior to class time. If a child needs to use the restroom during class time, students need only ask permission from their instructor. Please help us in keeping the restrooms clean.

Performance Readiness

The dance performance readiness or event readiness of any dancer is at the full discretion of The Legacy Dance Studio Management. At The Legacy Dance Studio, the dancers safety is the number one priority.

Parent Pick-up/Drop-off


Legacy Dancer Lobby will have a small section open for ONE parent per dancer ONLY; if they choose to come in to pay or for drop/pick up. The remainder of the Lobby is for our dancers.

Parents are responsible for transporting their child to and from class on time. Students must wait inside the building until their ride arrives. If there is an issue with being on time, please plan to ensure your child is dropped off and picked up in a timely manner. If this issue becomes persistent, you will be assessed a late pick up fee at the owner’s discretion.