port orange contemporary dance classesWhen performing it is important that we use stage makeup to bring out our natural features on stage. Depending on the type of show you are in, your makeup can range from natural to exotic. For young children performers, we want make sure we are putting just enough makeup on them to show their facial expressions with out over doing it and causing them to look over done.

1. Foundation: You will want to put a light foundation on your dancer’s skin to ensure that the makeup stays put, while also evening out their skin tone. Translucent powder should be applied as well to make sure the base sets well and they do not have any shine on their face.

2. Eye Wear: Choose a neutral brown palette that has a tri-color option; a base color, a crease color and a brow bone high light. This will add depth to their eyes and give them a natural open look. You can add a thin line of dark brown or black eye liner to their upper lid and lower lid to shape the eyes further. Finally, finish with 2 coats of mascara.

3. Blush: A rose color cream or powder blush is best. It should be brighter and more vibrant than your every day blush. Have your dancer make the fish face, and lightly dust or rub it to high light their cheek bones.

4. Lips: A bright red lipstick is what’s best for the stage. If you are worried it may be too much for your little one, be sure to use a brush or cue tip to apply the lipstick. It will keep it from smearing all over their small lips or being to bold and bright for their age.


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