Port Orange Dance ClassesWith dance studios back in full swing, Fall Dance Performances and Competitions are on the horizon. Dancers all over the country have been rehearsing and getting ready to take the stage at Fall Festivals, Holiday Dance Shows, and Dance Competitions.

The Legacy Stars Competition Team is getting ready for our first Dance Showcase of the year at Port Orange Family Days. The dancers have been preparing and rehearsing their routine since August for this Annual Dance Showcase for the Port Orange Dance community. We are performing a jazz heels dance to the classic song by composer and pianist David Brubeck, ”Take Five.”

The Dance Showcase features dancers from Port Orange and Volusia County’s local dance studios and schools the opportunity to perform for their families, peers, and community to shahttps://thelegacydancestudio.com/re our love of dance together in our Port Orange Dance Community.

Check out our Dancer Tips for Performance Season Below! 

Dancer Checklist

  1. Arrive on time, usually 45 minutes to 1 hour before Showtime
  2. Wear designated warm up apparel for your team
  3. Arrive with hair and makeup done
  4. Bring dance costume/costumes, shoes, tights, undergarments, accessories
  5. Bobby pins, safety pins, hair spray, hair nets, products, or tools necessary for your teams’ hair style requirements
  6. Bring extra water and healthy non messy snacks
  7. Bring a small bag with extra makeup for touch ups
  8. Small first aid kit
  9. Small sewing kit
  10. Be calm and professional backstage while waiting to dance


Getting focused for my performance

  • The week of your performance should consist of weekly technique classes, rehearsals and run throughs. Going over the choreography each day with the music and practice video would help you to memorize the choreography and be in sync with counts and rhythms.
  • I will often have my dancers turn away from the mirror during rehearsal as we get closer to dancing on stage. This helps them to have a stage like feeling and no mirrors to look at each other for the choreography. This replicates a similar feeling as being on stage for the first time.
  • Rehearsing your dance in groups and sharing critiques is a terrific way to work on corrections. Splitting a group in half helps the dancers see the imperfections needed to work on, can have a constructive conversation about how to apply the corrections. This also gives the opportunity for positive feedback for dancers to build their confidence and support one another.


The day of my performance

  • Get a good night’s sleep and arise early to allow your body to fully wake up. Doing a quick morning stretch or ballet barre would be an ideal way to start your performance day.
  • Although you may be nervous, try to eat healthy light meals to fuel your body for the energy you need to perform. Keeping hydrated with extra water through out the day is very important. A protein shake or smoothie would be good for energy and hydration.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and do your hair and makeup.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to call time, always allow for traffic or parking to take extra time.


Preparing for a Dance Performance can be stressful. Using these tips to help you be organized and prepared will help you to perform at your very best every time you dance on stage.


See you on the stage!

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