My name is Triany Nicolas. I am 16 years old, and this will be my 5th year dancing at the Legacy Dance Studio. After dedicating myself to gymnastics for eight years, I decided it was time for a change. In my first year at the dance studio, I was shy and did not know many of the girls. But through working hard and training every week, I acquired many values that have shaped who I am today. I have gained communication skills, confidence, and discipline through dancing at the studio. Mrs. Shannon has created a loving, body-positive, and motivating environment for young dancers and I am forever grateful for her. Not only is she my dance teacher but she is someone who I can always count on.

I joined the Legacy Stars competition team during my second year at legacy and immediately fell in love with competing. Dancing is my biggest outlet outside of school and it aids with my emotional expressions. I am able to demonstrate my stage presence and talent, which has tremendously boosted my confidence while also teaching myself that it’s acceptable if things don’t go according to plan. As a dancer, I have learned that perfection is impossible. There is always room for corrections.

Why are dance competitions meaningful?

Dance competitions are exciting events that showcase the talent and hard work of dancers of all ages and levels. From solos to group performances, these competitions bring together dancers from different backgrounds to compete and celebrate their passion for dance. The atmosphere at these types of dance events is electric, with the sound of music, the cheers of the audience, and the energy of the dancers creating an unforgettable experience. Competing in a dance competition requires discipline, dedication, and a lot of practice. Dancers spend hours rehearsing their routines, perfecting their technique, and incorporating creative elements that will impress the judges. In addition to their dancing skills, they must also have excellent stage presence, showmanship, and the ability to connect with the audience. The competition can be fierce, but the camaraderie between dancers is evident, with many forming lasting friendships with their competitors.

Judges at dance competitions are experts in their field, evaluating each performance based on a range of criteria such as technique, creativity, musicality, and overall presentation. Winning a dance competition can be a career-changing experience for many dancers, opening up opportunities for scholarships, professional contracts, and exposure to industry professionals. However, for many dancers, the true reward is the experience of performing on stage, the thrill of the competition, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing themselves to their limits and achieving their goals.


To prepare for competitions, my dance studio has organized and scheduled times on weekends that team members must attend to. It is important to our dance studio that all of our Stars aredance studio competition present because we believe that the best way to improve a dance is to be committed and dedicate time to it. Here are some other ways our dance team prepares for competition day:

  1. Practice, practice, practice: You’ll become more relaxed and confident on stage the more you perform your choreography.
  2. Focus on technique: To make an impression on the judges, pay close attention to your technique, including your stance, alignment, and footwork.
  3. Improve your performance quality: To make your routine stand out, remember to do it with energy, emotion, and personality.
  4. Choose the proper music and costume: Go with music that compliments your dancing style and highlights your best qualities. Your outfit should also make you feel comfortable and confident.
  5. Be positive and assured: Have faith in your abilities, and don’t let anxiety or mistakes interfere with your performance.
  6. Keep in mind that dancing competitions are designed to be enjoyable and rewarding experiences. As such, take enjoyment in the process and be proud of your commitment and hard work.

Showbiz Dance Competition: My Experience

On March 3rd-5th our dance team attended Showbiz which is one of my favorite dance competitions. We have always loved this competition because they provide dancers with a safe and healthy environment to showcase their skills and hard work. Through my experience, the crew is incredibly considerate and understanding, which are two crucial qualities for a dance competition.

On Saturday, the minis and teens performed their solos and groups. On Sunday the juniors and seniors performed their solos and groups. I performed my solo, trio, and 5 group dances all on Sunday. It was a challenging but fun experience. The adrenaline helped me perform my best on stage and competitions are often easier for me to get through when I’m with my teammates. The competition was held at the News Journal Center in Daytona Beach. On Sunday I arrived there at 8:00 am because my solo time was around 10:00. I recommend that dancers arrive at the competition at least two hours before they go on because many competitions either run early or skip numbers. The weekend before Showbiz, I attended another competition in my hometown, and they skipped the number before me. I was surprised when they called my number out on stage, but I was ready to go, and I danced my best. Backstage, I always take a moment to breathe and concentrate on my dance before performing.

Not only is dancing about demonstrating your technique but it’s also about showcasing your feelings and expressions. During my dances, I always try to keep my facial expressions entertaining because I know that it plays a big role in the outcome. Dancers are able to connect with the audience at a deeper level when expressing their feelings. My favorite style of dance is jazz. My jazz solo is upbeat, fast, and full of tricks meaning that I must have enough stamina to get through it all. I always eat healthier the week before I perform my solo and run my dance in the studio at least twice to keep my stamina up. Another thing that I do to help build my stamina is drink pre-workout or an energy drink on the day of the competition. This helps me gradually raise my energy throughout my solo.

My trio performed for the first time this competition season in the senior Dimond category. The trio is called “Raingurl” and it is an upbeat jazz dance. Helah Bitton, Tia Mercedes, and I were very happy with our performance, and we placed 2nd out of the 15 duos/trios that performed! We are so thankful that we had an opportunity to showcase our jazz trio. Also, my team and I performed a new group dance called “Trophy” in the open category for the first time. We all left the stage with smiles and scored 4th place senior Dimond with elite platinum. All of our hard work paid off! It is important to understand that competitions aren’t all about winning. Yes, it feels good to win but it feels even better to make memories and cherish the experience. All of our other groups place Platinum and top 10 Senior Diamond Elite level! I was proud of our team and our performances!

We had a blast and were thrilled as a dance studio to participate in this year’s Showbiz dance competition! Amazing memories were made, and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of them!

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