5 Things to Expect in Your Child’s First Dance Class

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Ballet Classes In Port OrangeYour child’s first dance class can be a magical experience for both the student and parent. But, from the very first class, you can expect your child to learn social and class room skills that will not only help them excel in dance class, but in other classroom situations as well.

Here is a list of 5 things you can expect your dancer to learn in his or her first dance class.

  1. How to Sit and Stand Like a Dancer: Your dancer will learn to sit like a dancer in a cris cross position.They will also learn how to stand like a dancer with one foot at a time. This is a very important exercise for them, since they are learning to move from a high level to a low level and vice versa. This will help develop coordination and balance as they develop, minimizing risk of injury as they progress to harder movements as they age.
  2. How to Raise their hand: This will help them become more accustomed to waiting for the teacher to call on them. Many kids have a hard time waiting on their turn to be called. Reiterating this in dance class is a great way to create good classroom habits for the future.
  3. How to Take Turns: Taking turns is an important action for young kids. They are working on sharing and being courteous to others in their everyday life. Sharing their space and the dance floor is a lesson that will continue with them as they grow. Spacial awareness while dancing has to be nurtured and groomed from the beginning.
  4. How to Stand on their Spot: Standing still in one spot is a difficult task for any young child. They have energy bursting out of the seems! Starting as young as 3, they are introduced to standing on their spots. This is their special dance space and it’s to be treated with care.
  5. How to Line up for Pick Up and Drop Off: Waiting in a nice line outside of the dance room will keep the dancers organized before and after classes. It is of the utmost importance that dancers are lined up waiting for their parents to come get them in order to make sure they are picked up by the appropriate person. Having a calm and orderly pick and drop off procedure will make for a smoother, safer process.


Creating Entertaining and Age Appropriate Choreography

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Port Orange Dance ClassesWhen it comes to teaching young people the wonderful art of dance, there are many aspects to consider when creating choreography tailored for their specific age groups. Too many times we see young people on stage dancing in inappropriate ways, in inappropriate costumes to inappropriate songs about adult topics. This can not only make the audience uncomfortable, but can be detrimental to their development as a performer, if we introduce these topics too soon in performances.Continue reading

Building Dancers Through Self Motivation

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port orange hip hop classes“The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.”

– Anatole France

Due the physical and mental demands it takes to achieve a high level of dance, it is important that young bodies and minds are nurtured with clear expectations and positive encouragement through the emotional up and downs of an art form such as dance. From the teacher’s perspective, we see the immeasurable potential in students and have no other mission but to awaken the mind and set it free through the education and expression of dance. Students often are distracted by the rigors or physicality of dance. Creating a motivated class room based in positive reinforcement and expression, will not only create a positive environment, it will create an environment conducive to learning and trying.Continue reading

Overcoming Stage Fright

Port Orange Hip Hop Dance ClassesStage Fright can be a terrifying experience for any performer. Regardless of age or experience performance anxiety, or stage fright can effect up to 50 percent of performing artists. Whether it’s caused from a previous injury, past bad experience or the overwhelming pressure performers can feel at an important performance; it can hit you anytime, even mid career.

Some of these symptoms include sweaty or cold hands, increased breathing rate, rapid heart beat, trembling, dry mouth, throat and inability to focus.Continue reading

How to Make the Most of Your Dance Class

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Do you feel stuck in a dance class rut? Changing aspects about how you take class can help you to reach past the limits you have set for your self. Whether you like to occasionally drop in and take a class or you are a serious studio dancer, here are some ideas and tips  to get the most out of your dance classes.
Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Your Dancer After Dance Class

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Being a part of dance class is always a special and fun experience. To enrich this experience further, we encourage parents to have post class conversations with their dancer. Asking questions will add to the overall experience, and dancers will be grateful for your involvement in their dance life. By participating in your dancers day to day classes, you will be more informed and have a better understanding of how their experience is impacting them.Continue reading

Competitive Dance: Quality VS Quantity

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Port Orange Contemporary Dance Studio

The Principal is about competing against yourself. It’s about self improvement, about being better than you were the day before – Steve Young

Competitive dance can introduce your dancer to a whole new and exciting world. Opportunities for achievement and growth are everywhere as young dancers are exposed to numerous dance professionals from around the country. The stage time alone will help to build your dancers skills and give them the confidence and perseverance they need to succeed not only in dance, but in whatever they choose to do.Continue reading

Technique Training VS Trick Training

Many times in the dance world, we see unbelievable feats of greatness from young children and young adults. Whether it is extreme flexibility, sky high jumps, or multiple turns, we can’t help but be entertained and enjoy watching it. These amazing dancers that inspire us are great prodigies or accomplished young adults who have worked their entire lives to get to that point of excellence.Continue reading