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Choosing a dance studio for your child can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know what to look for. From recreational dance classes to a more competitive environment, there really isPort Orange dancers something for everyone in the dance studio world, and specifically here in the Daytona Beach area.

When choosing a dance studio for your child, there are several types of environments. Daycare dance classes, recreational dance studios, ballet studios, and competitive dance studios are all options to consider.

By doing some research ahead of time, you can make the process of choosing the best dance studio for your tiny dancer easy and fun!

Types of Dance Studio Environments

Dance studios and places that offer dance classes range from the very serious, strict, and conservative ballet studios that you might know from movies like The Turning Pointe and Center Stage, to recreational programs like those found at the YMCA or in daycare centers.

Take a look at each of these dance studio options to find out which environment is going to be the best for your family!


YMCA, Rec Center, or Daycare Dance Classes

In many towns across the country, your local rec center, YMCA or even the daycare your child attends may offer dance classes. Unlike a traditional dance studio, these types of dance classes may only be offered in 6 week sessions, rather than a whole school year.

The benefits to dance classes in these types of environments are convenience and price. If you have a busy schedule, sending your child to a dance class that occurs in the daycare she already attends daily is far more convenient than trekking to another location after school.

Community center classes will often be cheaper than dance classes at a traditional dance studio because they are offered for shorter periods of time. Also, there may not be a dress code for these types of dance classes, so you would not have to buy specialized clothing.

The focus in these types of dance classes is most often fun, creativity, and an opportunity for exercise. YMCA or daycare dance classes would be a great fit for your child if you are on the fence about committing to a whole year of dance.


Recreational Dance Studio

A recreational dance studio might be the perfect fit for your child if they are just becoming interested in ballet or tap dance. Recreational dance studios are a more relaxed environment to learn the basics of all types of dances.

Children who thrive in creative environments will enjoy dancing at a recreational dance studio because there is not a great deal of pressure to be perfect. The goal at a recreational dance studio is to learn, have fun, and reap the benefits of a creative outlet.

Recreational dance centers offer dance classes for a whole school year, typically from September through May or June, with a recital or performance at the end of the year. Your tiny dancer can choose from a variety of styles of dance and will usually take dance class once or twice a week depending on their age.

Dance studios that offer recreational classes may have a dress code, but it may not be very strict. Dancers will have to have the proper shoes and attire, but might be free to choose the color, brand and style.


Ballet Dance Studio

Ballet studios will have the most strict and serious environments out of all kinds of dance studios. While a variety of styles of dance may be offered, like tap or jazz, ballet is usually the main focus and what all beginner students will be required to take first before being allowed into other classes.

Dance studios that specialize in ballet will usually require a dress code of a specific colored leotard and tights, and mandate that dancers wear their hair in a bun. They will also require a specific type of ballet shoe.

Even for the youngest of dancers, classes at a ballet dance studio tend to follow a very clear protocol of technique, while also incorporating some fun aspects of dance like creative movement. However, the focus in these classes will be learning ballet technique.

Ballet dance studios will usually have one or two performances per year. For example, The Nutcracker is a holiday favorite and young dancers may have the opportunity to perform as mice, party children or soldiers if their studio puts on a production of The Nutcracker.


Competitive Dance Studio

At a highly competitive dance studio, you will find a wide range of styles of dance class offered for even the youngest students. At some competitive dance centers, beginner dancers can often start dancing in any style of dance instead of being required to take ballet first.

Competitive dance studios will usually offer the opportunity to be on a competitive team to children who audition or who simply wish to be a part of the competitive group. Dance competitions are a huge part of the dance studio world.

Competitive dance studios sometimes require a dress code, but due to the variety of classes offered, they may be a little more relaxed with their requirements. A competitive dance studio might be a good fit for your child if they have a competitive nature or simply want to dance more!

As you can see, dance studios come in all forms, and with the wide variety of options in Daytona Beach, you are bound to find the right dance studio for your aspiring ballerina, Shirley Temple, or JoJo Siwa!


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