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hey can rainge Dance classes and lessons for kids are a wonderful way to keep active during the summer, after school, and on weekends! Dance Classes Offered in Port Orange, there are a variety of dance studios that offer many kinds of classes, for all ages and levels.

When considering dance classes for your child, you will want to think about the style of dance they might enjoy, the accessories you need to purchase, and what you want your child to get out of dance classes near me

With so many things to think about, here are a few helpful tips to ensure that your child is exposed to the style of dance class that’s perfect for them!

What Kinds of Dance Classes Are There For Kids?

From ballet to hip hop to tap, dance classes for kids come in all styles, and there is something for everyone! When looking for dance classes for your child, keep in mind their personality and learning style to help you select the best dance class for them.

Jazz Classes

If your child is bouncing off the walls after school, a high energy dance class like jazz might be a great fit. Jazz incorporates body strength, agility, style, and flexibility. This class is a great addition to ballet class to add power to their dancing.


Ballet Classes 

For the more focused and introverted child, a simple ballet class would be ideal. Ballet is a form of dance with roots in royalty, so for the child that dreams of being an elegant princess, ballet mightBallet classes Port Orange be a great introduction to dance.


Tap Dance Classes

Tap class can be a great addition to your child’s after school activities, but get ready to purchase some earplugs! Young tap dancers love to practice their steps on any hard surface available, so you might want to invest in a tap board to save your hardwood floors!


Hip Hop Dance Classes

Your energetic and too cool for school child might love a hip hop dance class, combining the hottest kid-friendly jams and rhythmic based movement. Hip hop can be incorporated into social settings and is a fun way to meet friends through dance.


Do I Need Special Clothing or Shoes For Dance Class?

When starting to take dance classes, your child will need some specialized clothing and shoes! Just like soccer, karate, or swim team, different activities call for different attire.


Clothing For Dance Classes

Most dance classes will require students to wear form fitting, breathable clothing. Ballet classes will usually require leotard and tights. Jazz classes may require the same, but allow for leggings, bike shorts, tank tops or crop tops.


Tighter fitting clothing allows dance teachers to see the body lines and alignment, both of which are important when learning technique properly. If a teacher can’t see a dancers’ alignment, there is a risk of learning incorrect placement, which can lead to injury as students’ progress in their dance training.


Tap and hip-hop classes will often have more relaxed attire, but always consult your studio for their individual requirements!


pre dancers port orange dance studioShoes For Dance Classes

When considering shoes for dance classes, keep in mind the style of dance your child is taking. Dance shoes are not normally interchangeable between styles, so the more classes dancers take, the more shoes they will need!


Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes are soft soled shoes made of leather or canvas, and range in price from $15-$25. They come in pink, white, and black and are required for ballet classes. Be sure not to purchase house shoes or slippers that look like ballet shoes – they are not the same!


Tap Shoes

Tap shoes come in black and tan colors and have attached metal taps on the toes and heels of the shoes. The price pointe can go from $35-$85, but for beginners, it’s safe to stick to shoes that cost under $50.


Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes are made of leather or synthetic leather, with rubber soles and heels. You can find both slip on and lace up versions but be sure to check with your studio for their requirements. Jazz shoes cost between $35-$65.


Hip Hop Shoes

Hip hop is one of the only styles of dance that doesn’t always require a dance-specific shoe. In general, you will only need a sneaker or tennis shoe for hip hop dance class that has a rubber sole. You can also purchase dance brands of dance sneakers for hip hop. Dance branded sneakers range in price from $50-$100.


What Benefits Do Dance Classes Give My Child?

The benefits of dance classes are many – and some are very unique to dance! If your child has never taken a dance class before, some of the benefits they will experience include:fun dance classes new smyrna beach

  • Learning a new skill
  • Gaining a creative outlet for expression
  • Developing gross and fine motor skills
  • Learning musicality and basic music theory
  • Improving coordination
  • Building teamwork skills
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Gaining independence
  • Learning that exercise can be fun
  • Understanding spatial awareness
  • Building social skills


Above all else, dance is an integral part of human life. People have been expressing themselves through dance since the beginning of time, and now with so many resources available at dance studios, everyone can learn how to dance!


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